Hi! My name is Seonhee Jung

Hello fellows!

Thank you for visiting my website. 

I am based on Seoul, Korea. 
Mostly I work with painting but also do installation and drawing.
The main way of work is to project the misfotune and absurdity that I exprerienced in my daily life into the comeplety different person and make a story in one image. 
As I work, I immediately react with the images and use various materials freely. 


2020 BA Fine Art Painting, Dongguk University, Seoul, KR
2019-2020 Goldsmiths University International Exchange Program, London, UK 

︎Solo Exhibition 

2023 Space uooyong, Seoul, KR (upcoming)
2021 Take Shelter, Mythtake Museum,Gapyeong, KR
2020 FAKE PICNIC:FICNIC, Seowanggongwon, Seoul, KR

︎Group Exhibition

2022 contact youth, Suchang Youth Mansion, Daegu, KR
2019 The Tree may be someone we know, The Lounge Masil in Dongguk University Library, Seoul, KR
2016 Project ZEBRA, Alternative space noon, Suwon, KR