Hi! My name is Seonhee Jung


2020 BA Fine Art Painting, Dongguk University, Seoul, KR
2018-2019 Goldsmiths University International Exchange Program, London, UK (Full year)

Solo Exhibition 

2023 A Room Of Once Own, Space uooyong, Seoul, KR
2021 Take Shelter, Mythtake Museum,Gapyeong, KR
2020 FAKE PICNIC:FICNIC, Seowanggongwon, Seoul, KR

Group Exhibition

2023 THE PREVIEW Art Fair Seongsu, Seoul, KR
2022 contact youth, Suchang Youth Mansion, Daegu, KR
2019 The Tree may be someone we know, The Lounge Masil in Dongguk University Library, Seoul, KR
2016 Project ZEBRA, Alternative space noon, Suwon, KR

Other Interesting Collaboration Work with...

Heo Jung Hyuk’s ‘봉오리 시절’ Album art work
Yoon Ji Yong’s ‘Blue Bird’ Music Video- <Fake Picnic:FICNIC> project


Thank you for visiting my website.

I am based on South Korea, Seoul.
Most of my work is a combination of my daily life and my imagination.
So imagination takes the  biggest part when I drawing and painting . And my imaginations are coming from one of my habit, daydreaming.

I daydream a lot before going to bed, taking a shower, or using public transportation.

And there are many images and stories  that i created by daydreaming.
I picked the images among them, which is powerful and I painting them.

And these painting images are combined with the installation and they got another powerful effect  when they combined , And display on the art space.

What I made the story and the images - It’s a very personal story, but I don't think it's my own story. Even if I only talked about  a story of my own experiences and emotions it's always linked, connect to the society we lived in.

I think the whole process of the audience being able to empathize with my work, or making different stories and sharing experiences is the ideal thing to me.